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Romney Meets With USU Students To Gain Support For U.S. Senate Seat

Mitt Romney meets with USU students
Matilyn Mortenson
Mitt Romney meets with USU students

Students on the Utah State University Logan campus had an opportunity to shake hands with a former governor, Olympic organizer and past presidential candidate Wednesday.

Mitt Romney was in Logan trying to gain support for the seat in the U.S. Senate, which opened when longtime Senator Orrin Hatched announced he is not going to run for reelection.

On the USU Campus, Romney organized a meet and greet with students he hoped would support his candidacy.

“He was a really nice guy," said longtime supporter and USU student Dillion Hutchins. "[He] asked for my name which was great. And signed my book with my name and it was awesome. He’s somebody I support because he stands up for what’s right in politics. I think a lot of time there aren’t those types of people so that’s one reason why I’m supporting him.”

Whitney Johnson is a political science major at USU and came to the Romney meet and greet because she feels strongly in the millennial generation’s activity in politics.  

“I appreciate that Romney’s team had tables here for students to get registered [to vote] as well,” she said, “so that beyond this meet and greet, they’re able to stay engaged with the process and make their voice heard in November.”

Johnson is a registered Democrat but finds Romney’s political standings more favorable than those of the nation’s current president.

“I think Romney represents a different side of the Republican Party than Trump represents,” she said. “And I feel better about working with the side of the Republican Party that has good values and is willing to engage in discussion and compromise on important issues unlike Donald Trump.”

While on USU campus, Romney also taught a political science class.