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Temporary manager takes over the Cache County Clerk/Auditor's Office

The Historic Cache County Courthouse, a red brick building with white trim.
Jimmy Emerson, DVM

With David Benson’s resignation as county clerk/auditor last week, longtime county staffer Dianna Schaeffer has stepped in as the office’s temporary manager in the meantime.

Schaeffer, a Cache County tax administration supervisor, has worked for the county for 15 years. Despite the recent issues in the clerk’s office, she and other county staff members are committed to keeping up with the needs of the public.

“The people here are dedicated to making the county a better place, as far as performing for our citizens, and that goes across all the departments,” Schaeffer said Friday.

She added the clerk’s office is, “very understaffed,” in the elections office, as there’s only one full-time staff member currently in that division.

Schaeffer said she will serve in the position until an interim clerk/auditor is elected by the Cache County Republican Party. That special election is set to take place during the party’s nominating convention on April 13.

As of Friday, only one person, former clerk’s office staffer Bryson Behm, has filed for the interim job. The elected interim clerk/auditor will serve in the position until next January.

Voters will elect a new county clerk and county auditor in November to take over in January, as the Cache County Council voted to split the offices into two last year.

Reporter Jacob Scholl covers northern Utah as part of a newly-created partnership between The Salt Lake Tribune and Utah Public Radio. Scholl writes for The Tribune and appears on-air for UPR.