Amid Some Confusion, Utah Lawmakers Plan To Revisit Firework Laws

Jun 24, 2021

Utah lawmakers are planning to take another look at the state’s fireworks law as some cities complain it's not clear enough.

One of the sponsors of the last update to Utah’s firework law in 2018, Sen. Jen Iwamoto, says the legislature is “definitely going to look and revisit this because our times are changing.” Similarly, her fellow sponsor on that bill, Rep. Jim Dunnigan, says they will “review the current law and see if any adjustments need to be made.”


This comes amid a confusing debate over who has the authority to ban fireworks in Utah. Some cities across the state have already enacted bans on personal fireworks, but other cities are claiming Utah state law limits what they can regulate.


Iwamoto says she doesn’t fault the cities who are enacting bans due to the warming climate in the west, which is why she believes the legislature “needs to re-look at the statute.”