Bread and Butter with Lael Gilbert

Jun 21, 2016


  A culinary chronicle about our distinctive approach to food, cooking and eating in the West.

Cooking Meat: Knowing how to cook animal-based proteins. 

Fruit: Botanically speaking…Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?

Pepper: Pepper’s long-standing supremacy in the spice world.

Sustainable Eating: The Gateway bug: The next step to sustainable eating.

What the Dickens is Wassail? The Carol of high-spirited goodwill.

Salad: What is a salad? The word salad has come to mean impracticality…chopped food with a dressing.

Lael Gilbert is a free-lance writer and a long-time consumer of food. She is most interested in food psychology, the cultural and aesthetic experience of cuisine, the slow food movement, and tucking into a good dinner. She hangs up her chef's knife in Logan, Utah.