Great Salt Lake Drops To Record Low Levels

Jul 21, 2021

The Great Salt Lake has once again dropped to historic lows, according to Utah’s Department of Natural Resources.

On Tuesday, the Great Salt Lake was confirmed to have dropped to an elevation of 4,191.4 feet, tying the previous record low set in 1963. It is expected to continue dropping due to Utah’s current drought situation.


The lake’s levels have been consistently dropping over the past few decades because of development and growth in Utah, climate change and the extreme drought the state is currently facing.


Utah’s Division of Water Resources Deputy Director Candice Hasenyager says the Great Salt Lake benefits the Salt Lake area in many ways, such as helping to keep the area’s temperatures cool, providing a refuge for migratory birds and helping to decrease air pollution. Haysenyager says losing the lake would severely harm the state’s climate and economy.


Director of Friends of Great Salt Lake Lynn De Freitas says she does not believe it is too late to save the Great Salt Lake. But she says everyone must play their part.