Healing From Sexual Trauma On Monday's Access Utah

Apr 13, 2020

How do survivors of sexual trauma overcome the mental health issues that often accompany these kinds of experiences? On Monday’s Access Utah we will talk to survivors about their healing journeys, as well as a wide variety of healers, who help people overcome trauma in many different ways .

Our guests will include: Camille Litallien, who has spent two decades teaching healing through movement; Daphne Larsen, who has offered healing touch, Reiki and other vibrational healing since 2013; Alethea Cox,a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, who started a nonprofit for children who have suffered abuse and became a healer using vibrational sound; Robin Lopez, who began social work in 1993 and has moved into the realm of EMDR therapy and yoga beginning in 2012; Amber Richardson is a storyteller with credits in many mediums. She has produced a YouTube series, Splitting the Sky; and a podcast, On Sovereign Wings. She's performed in festivals and plays such as Mother Wove the Morning by Carol Lynn Pearson. The common thread running through her creative work is a desire to expand the female experience within a spiritual context. You can connect with her on Instagram @richardson.amb. Lila Smiel, a survivor of sexual abuse whose own path to healing lead her through a lot of counseling and eventually into her own healing work as a massage therapist and the owner of a wellness center.

This episode of Access Utah is made possible with support from the Utah Women's Giving Circle, a grassroots community with everyday philanthropists raising the questions and raising the funds to empower Utah women and girls. Information available at utahwomensgivingcircle.com.