Protests in Film and Photographs on Thursday's AU

Mar 21, 2012

Into the Current

The film, Into the Current, deepens the understanding of the political issues happening in Burma. A former political prisoner, Ko Bo Kyi, is featured in the film and is our guest on Access Utah along with the film's director and producer, Jeanne Hallacy.

This Light of Ours

The Leonardo  in Salt Lake City is currently featuring This Light of Ours: Activist Photographers of the Civil Rights Movement, an exhibition depicting the African-American freedom struggle in the South between 1963 - 1968 through a selection of black-and-white photographs of nine activist photographers documenting the struggle from within the movement. The exhibition was produced by the Center for Documentary Expression and Art  and our guests for the show include Leslie Kelen, the Center's executive director, and John Dittmer, a consulting scholar for the exhibit.