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"Dirt: A Love Story" on Tuesday's Access Utah


Community farms. Mud spas. Mineral paints. Nematodes. Barbara Richardson, editor of the anthology, “Dirt: A Love Story” says the world is waking up to the beauty and mystery of dirt. The anthology brings together essays by scientists, authors, artists, and dirt lovers --admiring the first worm of spring, taking a childhood twirl across a dusty Kansas farm, calculating how soil breathes, or baking mud pies. Essayists build a dirt house, center a marriage around dirt, sink down into marshy heaven, and learn to read dirt's own language. Whether taking a trek to Venezuela to touch the oldest dirt in the world or reveling in the blessings of our own native soils, these essays answer the important question: How do you get down with dirt?

We’ll revisit our conversation from October 2015 with Barbara Richardson, and Jana Richman who is featured in the anthology.

This program was an encore presentation of a live Access Utah episode originally broadcast in October of 2015.