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The American Legacy Project: Veterans' Histories On Monday's Access Utah

The American Legacy Project

The American Legacy Project is a nonprofit organization committed to helping American veterans and their families memorialize their time in service to the nation so that their legacies are never lost. Wyatt Frasier and Zachery Page, two Army Lieutenants and West Point graduates, started The American Legacy Project to help veterans preserve their stories of service for their families and the American public. Frasier and Page realized that incredible stories, especially those decorating the landscape of the American military, are too often lost, simply because these stories’ protagonists do not know how or where to tell them.

Today we’ll talk about The American Legacy Project with Wyatt Frasier and board member Madeline Skroki. Colonel (ret) Kevin Riedler and Captain Anthony Woods will tell their stories and we’ll hear from Jill Henry, who has been married to an Army Major for 18 years.