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Making Seed Choices For Your 2021 Garden


Well, if you would like me, your mail has probably been inundated with those gardening catalogs that come this time of year. I actually enjoy sitting down and going through those making choices to what I want to grow in the coming gardening season. One of the reasons I enjoy doing this is because I always look for new varieties. I look for something that I haven't tried before, something that's become highly recommended by a friend, or possibly by one of the gardening associations. 

If you need a starting place, and you're a little overwhelmed, let me give you just a couple of tips. 

For one thing, realize that there are several vegetables and varieties that are available to you that have been around for many years. For example, Blue Lake green beans, Detroit Dark Red Beets, Danvers Half Long Carrots, zucchini-squash; you can't go wrong with these varieties. If you're looking for a starting place, choose those to start with. 

From there, you will probably want to talk to some local gardeners about other varieties that might do well. These are people who've gardened in your specific area for several years. This is important when looking for something, like a tomato variety, to grow. 

Tomatoes are what I would consider being regional. In other words, something that grows well in St. George may not grow well in Logan, and vice versa. When looking at tomato and pepper varieties,  I would talk to someone locally who has grown them for several years. You could also talk to your local county extension agent. 

Lastly, I would like to recommend a good starting place is to go to a handout on the Utah State University garden site. It's called Home Vegetable Garden Variety Recommendations for Utah. 

Well, that's all for now. I hope these tips help you and you're choosing what to plant in the 2021 Garden season.