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Keeping Up With Your 2021 Resolutions


Kailey Foster: We are now almost two weeks into 2021, and now is a good time to take a look at how we are doing on our new year's resolutions. Joining me today to talk about keeping these resolutions, Dr. David Schramm, family life specialist at Utah State University Extension.

Now, I believe this is around the time when many people start to lose sight of those new year's resolutions. Why does this often happen?

Dr. David Schramm: Yeah, January 17 happens to be it's often that day when most people fall off the bandwagon. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we get really excited; I'm going to lose some weight, or I'm going to get out of debt, or I'm going to travel more or find love. 


Whatever those resolutions are, we often lose that steam, which is called a messy middle. So the adrenaline and the motivation can be gone by the 17th. Often it's because we are not setting realistic goals, and we are not avoiding the triggers, and we kind of stumble and fall back into old habits.


KF: So, what are some tips that you have on keeping resolutions strong?


DS:  I think first off, setting attainable and realistic goals. You have to be very specific. I'm a bigger fan of new year's habits or New Year's practices rather than necessarily resolutions. And so set attainable, realistic goals is an important one.


I think having an action plan and tracking progress as something to hold yourself accountable. Today all kinds of apps can help you track your goals as well as involving others. Getting others involved, so having an accountability partner.


Then, don't get down on yourself so fast. You know, we're all human; we're going to have some setbacks. And so don't let one slip derail your goals entirely; most of us, again, slip in January.


KF: Do you have any words of encouragement for our listeners trying to accomplish your goals?


DS:  Absolutely! I think slow down, celebrate your victories. I call them small wins. Celebrate the small wins. If you were able to put those cookies away, or if you were able to pay off maybe $100 on your debt- whatever that is, celebrate the small wins. Big goals we can breakdown.


Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. It won't happen overnight. And so don't let the frustrations lead to setbacks.


Be sure to check out relationships.usu.edu for more information on resolutions and relationships. If you have any further questions, contact Dr. David Schramm at david.schramm@usu.edu or on Facebook DrDaveUSU