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DEBUNKED Episode 15: Season 1 Finale, Highlights From Our Inaugural Season

The season one finale of Debunked features highlights from four of our most acclaimed episodes. These clips illustrate the negative impact that stereotypical beliefs can spread through communities and the heartfelt narratives of those who work every day to heal those wounds. Debunked season one focused on providing education about reducing harm and stigma of substance use disorder, and evidence proving that harm reduction builds healthier communities, is more effective in reducing overdose deaths and infectious disease, and promotes a better understanding of opioid use disorder.

Thank you to all guests of Debunked season one, whose personal experiences and professional expertise have provided eye-opening and thought-provoking information. Your willingness to share has helped debunk 14 harmful myths about substance use disorder, harm reduction, Native American stereotypes, and the stigma surrounding these issues, especially within our tribal and rural communities. 


Season one guests and Editorial Board members include Ashanti Moritz, Michelle Chapoose, Dr. Erin Madden, Mindy Vincent, Savannah Eley, Garth Mullins, Dr. Lauren Prest, Stacey MacArthur, Patrick Rezac, Christy Porucznik, Tim Keady, Charla Bocchicchio, Paul Harkin, Jay Hymas, Dr. Nate Green, J.Carlos Rivera, Suzanne Prevedel, Adam Baxter, Irene Ota, Gabriel Glissmeyer, Maia Szalavitz, Dr. Brian Rogers, Lisa Shainker, Julie Flood, Sandra Sulzer, Dr. Amy Khan, Hilary Disch, Heather Bush, Tricia Glass and Maren Voss, and Tim Light.