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Undisciplined: When Ideology Trumps Science


Political scientists Erika Allen Wolters and Brent Steel have written that the United States is experiencing a political era in which facts are fluid and the truth is subjective, and that the consequences of ideology trumping science can be devastating. And they wrote that back in 2017. This week we’ll talk to them about how their fears have shifted in the past four years.

Erika Allen Wolters is the associate director of the bachelor’s of science and public policy program at Oregon State University, where she studies, among other things, the intersection of science and policy.

Brent Steel is the director of the public policy graduate program at Oregon State University, where his research interests also include public policy and science.

Their book, "When Ideology Trumps Science: Why We Question the Experts on Everything from Climate Change to Vaccinations," is available wherever you buy your books.