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Bee City USA


Bee City and Bee Campus USA, is an initiative of the Xerces Society, a nonprofit organization that promotes enhancement and conservation of pollinators. Its goal is to bring together communities to sustain pollinators. This goal was based on the fact that healthy pollinator populations are essential to human life. Thousands of native species of pollinators sustain our environment and food supply. 

What does this program do? It provides resource support to improve pollinator conservation. For example, it provides resources on planting pollinator gardens and strips in public areas such as parks, greenways, and educational institution campuses. It provides resources on how to reduce the detrimental impacts of pesticides on pollinators in these public green spaces. And it provides and supports outreach education resources to educate and engage the public and protecting pollinators. 

There are currently 135 Bee City USA affiliates. In Utah, there's only one affiliate; the University of Utah. Utah State University is undertaking a renovation of its native pollinator garden on the southwest corner of the Biology and Natural Resources building. We hope to pursue a Bee Campus USA status in the near future.

To learn more and get involved visit,