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The Green Thumb: Wash away pests

A green grasshopper on a leaf
Erik Kartis
A green grasshopper on a leaf

This is Alex Knutson with USU Extension. Many arthropod pests can be controlled economically and easily without the use of pesticides.

One such method is the use of a simple garden hose and water. We can wash away pests like spider mites, thrips, aphids and plant hoppers with a forceful jet from a hose.

This knocks pests off of your plants, keeps them from reproducing and further protects your plants from future damage. If this is conducted over the course of several days or weeks at regular intervals, you will also reduce their subsequent offspring and further protect your plants.

This not only protects your plants from damage from insects but can also protect your plants from receiving viruses, and it protects our pollinators and beneficial insects by reducing their risk to pesticides.

This is Alexandra Knutson with USU Extension.