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Making sure your lawn is green after the hot summer


  This program aired back in October.

Usually, by the end of September, the summer is behind us, temperatures are beginning to cool down the days are beginning to get shorter; your lawn should begin to look better than it did in July and August. However, if you have areas that still have not greened up, you may need to take a few steps to possibly aerate, repatch or reseed your lawn. 

Aeration is simply a process that uses a mechanical piece of machinery that simply takes plugs out of the lawn, throws them up, and leaves a small direct hole into the soil. 

You can also dethatch your lawn. This simply is a power rake that goes through and lifts the dead or brown grass out of the lawn. This is a good technique to use to prepare the soil before overseeding. 

Once you've done this, you can apply grass seed. Do so evenly over the top of the soil. One of the best grass seeds probably for our area is a Tall Fescue mix. 

Once you've applied the grass seed, it's a good idea to cover that with a light mulch. This could be any type of fine organic matter. Sometimes you can even find a material called a Top Dress, which is just usually a really fine organic matter that can be applied over to the seed. It's there to help hold the moisture to the seed but not disrupt its ability to germinate and poke through and begin to grow. 

Once you've done this, you'll want to irrigate that area thoroughly. And then you will need to water it probably twice a day and later go to every other day. And from there you want to irrigate according to the season.