Kailey Foster

Getting Into The Hemp Industry: Advice From A Farmer

Nov 30, 2019

Over the past few years, hemp has become an up-and-coming commodity in agriculture. Here in Utah, farmers are just starting to grow industrialized hemp. Industrial hemp is a cannabis plant with below .3% THC. Anything above this .3% threshold is considered to be a marijuana plant and would be destroyed.

USDA Invests In Broadband For Rural Utah

Nov 30, 2019

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service announced that they will be investing $5.13 million in rural broadband in Utah and Western Colorado by connecting some 675 households in the area. This funding will come from the first round of the USDA’s ReConnect Pilot Program, which is working toward connecting rural America.  

The Effects Of The Dean Foods Bankruptcy On Utah

Nov 25, 2019

Dairy producer Dean Foods has filed for bankruptcy protection. In Utah, St. George Ice Cream is a division of Dean Foods and is the manufacturer of branded and private label ice cream products.


Early members of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints found refuge in the territory of Utah in 1846 after being forced out of the state of Missouri by the governor. Nearly 175 years later, Utah’s governor has asked President Donald Trump to allow more refugees to locate in Utah.

Cliff Lillywhite

Utah’s egg industry is being recognized by the state’s department of agriculture and food because of the quality of the product and the number of eggs produced.  

So, What's The Deal With Daylight Saving Time?

Nov 1, 2019

In March we spring forward,  and now its time to fall back. Some people love it, while others hate it. Yes, its that time of year again where we need to change our clocks - at least this time we will gain an extra hour of sleep.


After going to a couple barrel racing events at the beginning of the month, a Weber County horse came down with horse herpes. It has been confirmed by Utah Department of Agriculture and Food as Utah’s first Herpesvirus- 1 case. 

The School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education, or ASTE, ran into an interesting problem - the department keeps growing. Their solution? Divide the students and faculty of USU's College of Agriculture and Applied Science's largest department into two departments that can be better managed. This department divide will take place at both the Logan and Price Utah State University campuses.

Soil Judging- Judging The Wanted Dirt

Oct 17, 2019

As a way of helping to identify the difference between unwanted dirt and valuable soil, soil science students hold soil judging contests.  The most recent soil judging contest happened in Northern Utah.

4-H, A Youth Program That's Not Just For Farm Kids

Oct 11, 2019
Ali Teuscher - Weber County 4-H

4-H is the largest youth organization in the country, and this week Utah has been celebrating with events throughout the state. This year, organizers are emphasizing that 4-H isn’t just for those interested in agriculture.

How The New Wild Horse Plan Could Affect Utah

Oct 8, 2019
Bureau of Land Management

Congress is getting closer to approving an updated plan for managing the increasing number of wild horses in the United States. The proposed bill increases the budget for the Bureau of Land Management by $50 million.

Earl Creech

Utah is one of the driest states, and citizens are accustomed to drought warnings and plans. Last October, Governor Gary Herbert declared a state of emergency when he put a drought emergency order into effect. Now, a year later, the order has been lifted and 2019 will now take its place as Utah’s 10th wettest year recorded.

Farm Safety Programs: Not Just For Farmers

Oct 1, 2019

Agriculture often tops lists of being one of the most dangerous occupations. Whether you are working on the farm yourself, or just visiting a local farm stand, Ag specialists want to encourage safety and defensive behavior.

Aggie Chocolate Expo: A Unique Chocolate Experience

Sep 29, 2019

One year ago, Utah State University was preparing for the grand opening of the Aggie Chocolate Factory - working both as a laboratory for food science students as well as an opportunity to teach the public the complexity of chocolate making.

Sterling College / flickr

With the increased popularity of ready-made meals and cheap fast food, more people seem to be becoming disconnected from farming. But this disconnection may inspire some to wonder where their food comes from and the farm-to-table process. One Utah school district has chosen to educate the consumer through its students.