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Romney Bus Tours Logan

Cheers erupted as one of the five official Mitt Romney campaign busses rolled into a Logan parking lot on Tuesday night.

Dozens of supporters ("We're here to support Romney and his campaign and what he stands for.") and a couple detractors ("Well, he's outsourcing. Maybe they should just outsource him.") were on-hand to get a glimpse inside the mobile campaign headquarters.

Outside, Romney fans were treated to bumper stickers, buttons, and of course photo opportunities with the bus. On the inside, attendees marveled at flat-screen TVs, marble countertops, leather couches, and other amenities fit for a presidential nominee.

"This is nice!"
"Even look at the floor!"
"I know!"

The bus’s next stop was Utah State University on Wednesday morning. Its reception was more subdued this time, as groggy college students passed by on their way to class. Many students were enthusiastic—one even dressed up as the GOP symbol, the elephant. Others were only mildly impressed.

"I would be more excited if it was Obama's bus, for sure."

Austin Clark has the privilege of driving the Romney bus. Clark sees candidate Romney every week, and he is impressed.

"He's incredible. He's awesome. He's really great, and honestly, I really like driving with Secret Service too. It's pretty fun."

But Clark is tight-lipped about any conversations he’s overheard.

"Uh, you know, I'm on the bus, so I'll leave it at that."

For Clark and the rest of the Romney campaign, the bus rolls on until November.