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Anti-booze Policies Called Into Question

Members of the state agency that controls alcohol in Utah have been summoned to a legislative hearing to answer questions about a series of policy changes that have garnered much attention around the nation and the world.

Earlier this summer the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control made some alterations to the liquor laws, including an alteration to the rules involving serving alcohol at events. Sen. Jim Dabakis says he believes these policies are hurting the state’s economy and job growth, and do not actually deter any dangers involved with alcohol consumption.

“We are losing hundreds of millions of dollars every time DABC makes a dumb decision. These things do not make Utah safer, but they do make us weird, and that ends up costing us so many jobs,” Dabakis said. 

There has been recent controversy over the change of policy involving single entry liquor licenses. Usually if an organization wants to host an event where alcohol is sold to the general public, they can apply for a permit from the DABC to do so.

But recently the department has been hesitant to approve some applications including one for Snowbird Ski Resort’s annual Oktoberfest, which has a rich 40-year history. If that specific application is not granted, Oktoberfest will go without its iconic beverage of choice, beer.

Dabakis said, “Oktoberfest without beer, is like LDS conference without the Tabernacle Choir, it’s just not the same.”

The legislative review of the DABC policy changes is scheduled for Monday.