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USU Professor Elected President of International Education Association


Professor Edward Reeve, at Utah State University's School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education,was recently elected president of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. Training new engineering and technology educators has been a major focus of the Obama administration’s emphasis on STEM education and Reeve, a self-proclaimed “old shop teacher,” built his career around educating the engineering and technology teachers of tomorrow.


“We’ve done some national studies that show that people associate technology with computers and the internet, but technology is so much more," Reeve said. "I mean, it’s from the headphones I’m wearing here to the microphone I’m speaking into, your iPad, this is all technology. Technology is about modifying the world to meet our needs.”

The ITEEA's mission is to promote technological literacy. They represent more than 35,000 technology and engineering educators around the world and help develop curricula around the technology and engineering elements of STEM education. They also provide educators with ongoing professional development opportunities and classroom resources.

After more than 35 years in technology and engineering education, it is now Reeve's turn to lend his expertise to ITEEA's international efforts.

“So many of the world’s problems are going to need to be solved by professionals in STEM working together," Reeve said. "Whether it’s food security, feeding the world, clean drinking water, or global warming. All of these issues are not U.S. issues, they are world issues.”