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Disability Law Center Releases Legislative Agenda


  The Utah Legislature is underway and many activists and support groups have released their legislative agendas, including The Disability Law Center. 

The  Center will be discussing 2 bills. One bill under review will help public schools train teachers or administrators to use restraint on students who are causing harm.  

“The one that we have is H.B. 181. It’s by Representative Carol Moss. It’s physical control in schools amendments. The law that the state board passed says that if restraint or seclusion is used with a student it can only be used in instances is when the student is presenting an immediate danger to him or herself or others.”

Andrew Riggle, a public policy advocate, says the second bill will make ride-sharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, more accessible to passengers with disabilities.

“Transportation options are severely limited for those with mobility impairments. Ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft are becoming much more popular. Unfortunately, partially because of their business model, and also the way that these services have been interpreting the law, they are currently inaccessible to individuals with wheelchairs or have other mobility impairments.”

Riggle says the Disability Law Center is available for those with questions or concerns about disabilities.