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Disability Advocacy Day brings together stakeholders on disability policy issues

A graphic reads, "2022 Disability Advocacy Day. Save the date: January 19th 9:00am-12:30pm."
Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice
Utah State University
On Wednesday January 19, 2022 The Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, Disability Law Center, Utah Parent Center, Utah State University Institute for Disability Research Policy and Practice and the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council will be hosting their second annual Disability Advocacy Day.

Utah State University will be hosting its third annual Disability Advocacy Day Wednesday. Policymakers and other influencers will discuss upcoming disability issues and initiatives during the legislative session.

“Disability Advocacy Day is really a day meant to bring self advocates and people with disabilities, professionals in the field, as well as legislators all together to talk about the important issues that are going on within the world of disability,” said Aubrey Snyder.

Snyder works at USU’s Institute for Disability Research Policy and Practice. She is helping coordinate this year’s disability advocacy day.

In addition to learning about how to advocate for oneself and for those who have disabilities, many are attending to discuss new legislation and bills that are in this year's legislative session.

“It's really a day for everyone to come together, learn a little bit more about how legislation works, how advocacy works, how you can better tell your story, what's coming up this legislative session, what bills are showing up that people may have an interest in and want to advocate for," said Snyder.

Representative Jennifer Dailey-Provost for Utah’s House District 24 and Utah State House of Representatives has worked as a healthcare and public health advocate at the Capitol for over a decade. She will be speaking at this year's event.

“We have a lot of work to do to make sure we have better resources for people with disabilities in the state. But we certainly have a lot of work to do, to elevate and lift up and support people who don't, who so often don't have a voice at the table,” said Dailey-Provost.

Representative Daily-Provost speaks more about how important proposed bills are this year.

“When people think of people with disabilities, they imagine a person in a wheelchair, right. And that's kind of the beginning and end of it, but the vast majority of people with disabilities have invisible disabilities, and that doesn't take away the difficulty in accessing necessary resources that you have a right to have access, this is the Ombudsman's job, to recognize that there is a huge spectrum of disability.”

The event will be held over zoom and is open to everyone. Visit herefor registration and more details.

Colleen Meidt is a science reporter at UPR as well as a PhD student at Utah State University. She studies native bees in the Mojave Desert and is particularly interested studying the conservation status of the Mojave Poppy Bee. In her free time, Colleen enjoys photography and rock climbing in the canyons.