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Sex Education Bill Defeated by Utah House Education Committee


Utah Lawmakers have killed a legislative amendment that would have changed sex education programs in Utah’s schools. The majority of the House education committee members, made up of mostly male Republicans, voted against further discussion of what has been one of the more controversial topics this session.

House Bill 246 requested a Medicaid waiver to increase family planning services for those in the coverage gap, as well as expanding the comprehensive sex education program in Utah schools.

Republican Rep. Michael Noel says parents should teach their children about sexual-transmitted diseases and says it is their sacred obligation.

“It takes away from the responsibilities for parents, and what their role is in society. There is a lot of information out there to teach your children, and I think you should teach them about sexually transmitted diseases. I think you should teach them about their bodies, but I think that is in a sacred situation in your home where you teach that.“

Sponsor of the failed bill, minority leader Brian King asked the committee to take a hard look at sex education that is being made available to youth, adding that if parents really looked at what sex education entails, they would support a more in-depth curriculum.

Democratic Representatives Carol Spackman Moss and Marie Poulson both pushed for further discussion outside of the committee. That motion failed, closing the conversation for 2016.