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Salt Lake City Ranks Best City To Find a Career

With college graduation season underway, a finance organization released a report listing the best and worst cities to start a career. 

Salt Lake City was ranked the best city to start a career, according to WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez. She said 17 key metrics were used in the study, including starting salary and entry level jobs.

“Just the sheer number of entry-level job openings per capita, Salt Lake City could not be beat," she said. "It has about 280 [jobs] per capita. That’s residents age sixteen and older, and that was best in the country.”

Gonzalez said the biggest surprise in the study was Salt Lake City had more opportunities for jobs than other cities across the country.

“Take Salt Lake City and compare it to a Chula Vista or Santa Clarita, California," she said. "We are seeing almost 40 times more entry-level jobs and opportunities than there are in several other cities on this list.”

Katie Lambert, a recent graduate of Utah State University, works as an intern at LDS Living in Salt Lake City. She said the area has a different environment and is a great place to work.

“There’s just a different energy here,” Lambert said. “It’s really fun to just walk to work and pass the Abravanel Hall and to see the KSL buildings.”

According to the study, Salt Lake City outranked cities like Houston and Minneapolis.