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Utah Suburb Shooting Leaves Woman, Child, Male Suspect Dead


Police have identified a Utah man found dead after authorities say he killed a woman and her son in a shooting that injured two other children.

Sandy police said 32-year-old Jeremy Patterson had been in a relationship with the woman who died, 39-year-old victim Memorez Rackley.

Police say Patterson was not the father of the two children who were with Rackley.

She and her two sons were in a car after being picked up by a female driver described by authorities as a good Samaritan.

Moments after the unidentified driver picked up Rackley, Patterson rammed the car with his vehicle. Police say he then got out and started shooting.

Rackley and her 6-year-old son were killed. Her 9-year-old son and the daughter of the female driver were injured.

The woman described as a good Samaritan was not hospitalized.

Police have not said how Patterson died.

A boy taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds was in critical condition.