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Spontaneous Spot Fires Still Pose Threat To Brian Head

Although there was no growth on Sunday in the size of the wild fire that threatens the town of Brian Head, the situation remains volatile and the town still very much under threat.

For now, the fire has stabilized in size but endless floating embers demand the constant vigilance of elite hotshot crews says, Bret Houser, Brian Head town manager:

“And when the spot fires pop up the hotshots come out of nowhere and knock it out,” Houser said.

The spot fires continue to pop up throughout the evacuated town.

“So, yeah we were walking along the street here and I looked over and there was a spot fire, and I’m like, “Oh man, someone ought to do something about that.’ And here comes these hotshot crews,” Houser said.

Despite progress, fire fighters indicate they can declare no containment, and residents cannot return until such spot fires are no longer a concern.