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Governor Herbert Supports The Lee Brothers As Supreme Court Nominees

Mike Lee; Senator Mike Lee is a potential nominee for the United State Supreme Court.
Gage Skidmore

Utah Governor Gary Herbert supports the nomination of either current U.S. Senator Mike Lee or his brother Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee to the United State Supreme Court. Both are reportedly on the list. If Mike Lee is appointed, the governor would appoint someone to replace him.

Right now, the governor does not have a list of who he would consider to fill the senator’s seat and said he would be unlikely to name himself as Mike Lee’s replacement if the senator is nominated to be a Supreme Court justice.  

“Being governor is a very active role where you do things every day and you get things done,” Herbert said.

He doesn’t think he would like the change of pace between the job of governor and senator.

“A lot of my friends are former governors that are now senators have said the biggest adjustment they’ve had is going from a hundred miles an hour and getting things done each and every day, to now we’re kind of slow walking stuff and we don’t have as much ability to cause stuff to happen,” Herbert said.

The governor says the senator’s experience would suit the role of Supreme Court justice well.

“Very good constitutional scholar, was clerk twice for Judge Alito,” Herbert said.

Herbert also spoke highly of Lee’s brother as a nominee.

“Tom Lee who I think is a brilliant, brilliant intellect, again understands the rule of law and don’t legislate from the bench,” Herbert said. “Has a lot of experience now as our Supreme Court justice. I appointed him there, so obviously I think he’d be a great selection and deserves to be on the shortlist for President Trump.”