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Did You Know You Can Use An App To Track 'Tour Of Utah' Racers?

Tour of Utah Race;The Tour of Utah Race will begin August 6th and bring racers from around the world.
Tony Webster
Wikemedia Commons

As teams from around the world participate in the Tour de France, Utah prepares for its own international bike race. Five international teams currently racing in France, and 17 teams in total, will come to Utah in August to compete in the Tour of Utah.

“The reason the people from around the world love this race is because they have their own racers that they follow from France and from Italy and from Canada and from Australia that are competing in our race in the Tour of Utah,” said John Kimball, the managing director of the Tour of Utah.

Kimball said bikers love to train in Utah because the racing is similar to the Tour de France.

“We have professional riders that race in the Tour de France that will come and train in Utah because of our terrain, the beauty, the altitude, and just the sheer canyons that we enjoy for skiing and everything else that we do,” Kimball said.

This year’s race will begin in St. George and end in Park City. Between the first and final stage, there will be racing in Cedar City, Payson, and Antelope Island to name a few locations.

The race is free of charge for spectators. The Tour Tracker app will also be available for free as a way people can track the racers’ location.

“We’re the only race in North America that broadcasts our race through Tour Tracker from start to finish,” Kimball said. “So you can get on at work, you can get on at home, you can watch the race from start to finish. And it has a little bead that follows the racers and tells you exactly where they are in your community.”

This year’s Tour of Utah race will be held from August 6 to 12.