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Cougar Spotted In Ridge Road Area In Residential Cedar City

Erin Gregerson
Residents of a Cedar City neighborhood are breathing a little easier at the apparent demise of a certain nighttime visitor.

Sunday morning, while taking her puppy for a bathroom break in the backyard of her Ridge Drive home, Erin Gregerson noticed some odd-looking animal droppings and invited her husband to investigate.  The couple’s motion activated security camera solved the mystery.

"And then he checked the security cameras we have in our backyard and could not believe it," she said. "He called me into the room and was like, 'You are not going to believe this. That is a cougar.'"

Gregerson shared the images on Facebook and contacted neighbors.  The big cat came back later that night.

Although, a Monday daytime search came up empty, DWR personnel contacted Erin early Tuesday morning to inform her that a mountain lion had been hit and killed overnight, near the I-15, south Cedar City interchange.

Dispatch contacted a district conservation officer at 6:30 Tuesday morning who retrieved the cougar from the median by mile marker 56 on I-15. They believe this is the animal that was seen in residential Cedar City, although there is always the possibility of a littermate or sibling.