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Revolve Recycling Closes Doors, Former Employee Speaks Out

Matt Jensen

When Bob Hardy left work at Revolve Recycling in Logan last Tuesday, everything felt normal. It wasn’t until he got a call from a coworker that he learned his job would not exist by Friday. 

“Everybody when I walked in that place Wednesday was shocked — including management,” he said.

Hardy worked at Revolve for almost two years. He said he was just settled in, and liked the work. But now he, and 44 other Revolve employees are out of a job. 

“That’s not a whole lot of people, but that’s 45 families that are affected," he said.

Hardy wasn’t told why the plant closed, and said it didn’t seem anyone else knew either. But without local recycling, he knows garbage will just keep piling up. 

“There’s always gonna be a need for recycled product, because we are going to run out of everything else," he said. "We’re never gonna run out of garbage.”

Logan city recently stopped accepting plastics numbered three through seven to lower recycling costs, and has continued to feel the costs associated with recycling rise. Hardy said Revolve could handle most all plastics, and could have accepted some of the burden from the city. 

Revolve’s owners could not be reached for comment, but whatever happens with the valley’s recyclables, Hardy knows:

“It threw me for a loop, put my life into a tailspin,” he said.