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Utah Ranked #1 In Job Growth Nationwide: Logan, St. George, Provo, Ogden Ranked In Top 5 For Cities

Michael Gordon
Wikimedia Commons
A panorama of Logan, Utah

The business insurance advisor company AdvisorSmith recently completed a three-year survey examining job growth in cities across the United States, and coming in at fourth place is Logan, Utah.

“We broke down the cities by the rate of growth from July 2016 to July 2019 and ranked the cities based upon their size," said Adrian Mak, AdvisorSmith’s co-founder. "So Logan specifically was in the small size city category, which ranked metro areas with populations of under 150,000. And during the study period, Logan added 4,900 jobs for a growth rate of 9%." 

Citing Icon Health and Fitness, Utah State University and Conservice as Logan’s biggest individual job producers, Mak described what industries specifically helped drive that high-growth rate.

“A few professions contributed the most to job growth during the study period. Those professions were office and administrative support, production employees, sales employees, the education sector and food preparation, followed by transportation and management occupations," he said.

Logan wasn’t the only Utah city to rank high in the survey - St. George reached fourth in the mid-sized cities category, and coming in at #1 among the big cities’ category was Provo, Utah, with Ogden taking fourth place there as well.

“Utah actually was the fastest growing state in terms of job growth over the course of our study," Mak stated. "The state of Utah had almost 10% growth. It’s definitely a mix of technology jobs, manufacturing jobs in the larger cities in Utah, you also have more call center, administrative and business support jobs.”