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State Conference On Undergraduate Research To Include Art Exhibit


Utah State University is hosting the 14th annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research on Friday. This year, for the first time, a juried art exhibit will be a part of the event.

“When we think about research, sometimes we all get this picture of somebody in a laboratory, but research is any creative activity that people are involved with. And so arts humanities, research in many areas as something we want to embrace,” said Lisa Berreau, is the interim vice president for research at Utah State University.

She said by including an art exhibit as part of the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, the university is showcasing a wider variety of work that happens on campus. 

“We have many programs to support research, including programs to support undergraduate research,” Berreau said. “And in those programs, we again use the words creative activities, because research embodies a whole wealth of activities across all of the different colleges at Utah State. And we want our conference to be reflective of that.”

Students from across the state will come to USU on Friday to showcase their work. Berreau said since 2020 is the Year of the Woman at Utah State, there will also be a focus on the work of women at the event. The conference is open to the public and more information can be found at