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Bernie Sanders Front Runner In Utah Democratic Primary

Gage Skidmore

On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally in Utah. On Tuesday, he won the majority of the state’s Democratic delegates for the second presidential primary in a row.

However, this year he won with a significantly lower number of Utahns voting for him than in 2016. In 2016 he won with nearly 80 percent of the vote while the current reporting shows that this year he won with just under 35 percent.

In Cache County, Amanda Willis said she voted for Sanders because she agrees with his stance on healthcare and immigration. 

“He has the most things that I believe in that I think needs to be changed and done,” Willis said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden came in second in Utah, according to current reporting, but ended the night with the most delegates nationwide. Brittany and Richard Amott of Logan voted for Biden and said it is because of their concerns about education.

“I believe that public education is important, and I feel other candidates don't feel that way. So I voted for but for education,” Brittany said.

Utah is, of course, a very red state and in the Republican primary, Donald Trump won all 40 of Utah’s delegates against the mostly unknown challengers within the party. 

Kelly Lewis of North Logan said he voted for the president because of the improvements he has been seeing during his term. 

“If things keep improving, then keep voting for the guy who makes things improve,” Lewis said.

This is the first year that Utah has participated in Super Tuesday. Presidential primaries throughout the nation will continue over the next few month

Editor's Note: Joe Biden's position in the Utah primary has been update since the audio for this was recorded.