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Brigham City Museum Invites Students To 'Make' History

Staff at the Brigham City Museum are inviting students to “make history” by creating art that reflects their experience during the coronavirus pandemic. 


“What we are asking is that students of all ages, it can be anyone from pre-K to post-grad, to create something that reflects what it is like to be themselves or within their communities during this time under the novel coronavirus. So that can be drawings or essays or poetry, or stitching if someone wants to make a quilt, or a sculpture, and then send them to us when we reopen,” said Alana Blumenthal, the director for the Brigham City museums.

She said when museum staff realized they would have to shut their doors for a time in response to the coronavirus pandemic, they wanted to do something that would still engage their patrons. 

“The main inspiration for this is to create a collection to capture this moment as it's happening because it's easy to understand what's historic and hindsight, but this is a unique opportunity, I think, in our lifetimes to really understand that we're in a historic moment as it's happening,” Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal said when the museum reopens and they can accept art, they will keep pieces as part of their permanent collection. She also plans to curate and exhibit of some of the “finer pieces.” In the meantime, people are encouraged to share pictures of what they create on social media with the hashtag “Make History” or the hashtag “Make History Utah.”

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