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Utah Veterans Share Ways To Honor The Country This Fourth Of July

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For the Fourth of July this year, Utah veterans shared insights on what they believe honoring the country and celebrating looks like, especially amidst the current challenges the United States faces. 

“A lot of people of all races, colors, and creeds have fought for freedom. We need to enjoy that and just reflect on it," Todd Abeling said.


Abeling is a military veteran who served in the United States Navy and the Army Reserves. He said that when celebrating the United States of America, united is the key word. 


“That means we’re all united. We’re all together. It’s our freedom. It’s the freedom of a lot of men and women who have fought for and continue to fight for," he said.


Abeling said he likes to celebrate the Fourth of July each year by getting together with those he loves. He is an active member in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and gets together with other members, along with their families, to celebrate the day. 


Greg Kovacs is another veteran who served in the United States Air Forces, and spent time in Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm. 


Kovacs said he believes it is important for Americans to remember what the flag truly means to them. 


“To a lot of other countries, the U.S flag means that they are protected, and they know that they’re protected when they see the U.S flag around. And we take for granted all those privileges that we have because we live in the country," he said.


Kovacs looks forward to spending time with his children and grandkids during the fourth of July. 


“We always have a barbecue. We always make sure that we put a flag out. I think everybody should have a flag regardless of how big and just make sure it’s out," he said.


According to Kovacs, it is important to remember the sacrifices made for American’s freedom, no matter what issues the country is currently facing.