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Find the latest information on the Coronavirus outbreak in Utah, including public health measures, contact information, news updates, and more.

As Utah Schools Reopen Teachers, Students Adapt To Adjusted Schedules

Middle school students playing music.


Schools across the state have been opening over the past two weeks, with many modifications intended to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Here is a look at some of the adaptations made to music classes at Mount Logan Middle School. 

“They've just been needing that human interaction and so I think both the parents and the students are glad to have it going again,” said Raechel Chambers, who teaches orchestra part time at Mount Logan Middle school.  

Currently, the biggest challenge for her is the shortened class schedule as part of the district’s soft opening. 

“So we’re just on a half day schedule and class periods are 26 minutes long which is extremely short. It's kind of hard to get things done in that time,” Chambers said. “Right now we're still just going over first of the year stuff. They get out their instruments, we play a little bit, it's time to sanitize and clean up.”  

According to the official Logan City School District policy, “curriculum and activities will be modified to decrease and minimize student contact.” This has included smaller classes and social distancing.

Band teacher Nick Kateifites, also from Mount Logan, said district officials are conscious of the challenging circumstances this year.

“We're still teaching but we understand and they understand that we're handicapped due to time and just to do the best we can but to build those relationships and ensure students are having a positive experience,” Kateifites said. 

Logan City schools plan to continue the shortened schedule through Sept.11 and evaluate its effectiveness at that time.