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Adapting Business During The Pandemic: A Look At One Logan Shop


Businesses are experiencing shipment delays and supply shortages, which can hurt profits. Here is a look at what one local business has been doing to adapt:

Deanna Outsen is the owner of the soap shop, the Spirit Goat. She said when the store temporarily closed in March, they were still able to continue sales in other ways.

“And we're able to sell over curbside pickup and with the website, which actually helped our website sales a lot. I think it really established a greater website base for us," Deanna Outsen said.

Outsen daughter, Sydney Outsen, who handles marketing for the Spirit Goat said the global pandemic has increased sales because people are more concerned about their hygiene. 

“I would say the thing that increased in demand the most is our hands cleanser," Sydney Outsen said.

To take advantage of that, the store had to track down a product with higher alcohol content.

“So we did some research and we were able to find some other hand cleanser that had 60%. So we could be meeting those CDC requirements," Sydney Outsen said.

Sydney Outsen said lotions and creams have also become more popular, because people's hands are drier from more washing. 

Owner, Deanna Outsen said they have had some minor challenges with supply shortages.

“And one of our glass manufacturers was actually located in China and they were not with the new trade agreements, they've been not able to get those bottles out," Deanna Outsen said. But we have been easily able to make substitutes.”

Overall, she is proud of her employees  hard work and flexibility,  which has helped keep the store running smoothly during this uncertain time.