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Keeping Tradition Alive: Nibley Farm Offering Drive-Through Nativity

Emily Rigby
Behind the scenes look at the Nativity journey as it is being set up.

Instead of canceling their annual nativity experience, Morgan Farm in Nibley has adjusted to a drive through event to keep the tradition going.

Instead of walking through the live nativity scene at Morgan Farm in Nibley this year, scene coordinator Emily Rigby said visitors will stay in their cars as they go through the journey.

“As they pass the different spots in the nativity, they'll be able to click on different music tabs to be able to follow along with the story. And so, we have a couple of narrators that have read parts, and then we have music that they'll be able to listen to,” said Rigby.

Rigby will be one of the voices visitors will hear as they go through the scene. Her father and one other voice actor will be used to bring different voices to the story.

According to Rigby, the farmer’s daughter Andrea and her friends put together most of the scenes and the Children’s Theater Community helped with a scene as well. 

“This year everything is made out of wood and set up that way, other than the live camel and some of the live animals that we'll have there,” said Rigby.

This event also gives participants a chance to give back to the community.

"We ask for canned  donations and all those get donated to the food bank," Rigby said. "And so we're obviously not going to turn anybody away if they don't have a canned food donation.”

The Nativity Journey will take place December 11,12, and 14th.