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Utah Congressmen Split On Voting To Count Electoral College Votes

Congress will vote to count the results of the presidential election this week and two of Utah’s Congressmen have said they intend to object to the votes in several of the swing states where President Donal Trump lost. 

Returning Representative Chris Stewart and newly elected Representative Burgess Owens are among more than 100 Republican House members and a dozen Republican Senators who plan to do this. 


Representative John Curtis released a statement on Tuesday which said he has studied the duty of Congress in certifying elections and that “it is clear to (him) that (he) has a duty to speak on behalf of the election process in Utah and listen to any objection raised by (his) fellow lawmakers concerning their state.” 


Curtis also stated that he has seen no evidence of wrongdoing within Utah and he has no plans to object to certifying Utah’s Electoral College votes and that he plans on respecting each state’s decision to certify their votes.


Representative Blake Moore told the Standard-Examiner he does not plan on objecting to Utah’s electoral college, but is reserving judgement on the totals coming from other states until Wednesday.