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Life Should Become More 'Normal' As People Are Fully Vaccinated, Cox Says

In a Facebook town hall on Tuesday night, Gov. Spencer Cox said he is happy with the low COVID-19 case counts. He said hospitalizations and deaths have almost disappeared completely. 

“We've now distributed over 2 million vaccines so far, that's first and second doses. We have close to 90% of those over the age of 65 who have already received one dose. And we're getting closer to 60% of adults in Utah who have received their first dose,” Cox said.

Although Cox is encouraging everyone to get the vaccine so life can continue moving back to normal, he said the State of Utah will never require it.


"We passed that ban on vaccine passports very early in the legislative session. So, (that includes) the government requiring vaccines for traveling in the state and the government requiring vaccinations for education purposes or for gathering purposes for events. Now that does not apply to private businesses. Private businesses can do that. But just know that in the state of Utah, I will never mandate or require that people get those vaccines,” Cox said.


Cox said for those who want a vaccine, President Biden announced  Uber and Lyft will give free rides to vaccination centers. Cox said almost all of Utah's vaccine clinics allow walk-up appointments and there are hundreds of vaccination sites across the state.


Once fully vaccinated. Cox said many aspects of life should become more normal.


“You shouldn't have to wear a mask everywhere," Cox said. "And when you're outside with people and around other vaccinated people, there are so many things that we can do. And President Biden agreed that they could do a better job of being a little less cautious, following the science and being able to do the things that show that you can do the things that everyone wants to do by getting your vaccine. So I was excited about that."