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Protesters Face Charges After Disrupting School Board Meeting

Eleven people now face criminal charges after disrupting a school board meeting last week in response to an attendee not being allowed to address the board.

According to a KSL report, the woman was not allowed to address the Granite School Board because she failed to sign up to speak prior to the meeting. 

The crowd protested and started to chant the phrases “remember this day” and “no more masks”.

A number of audience members were garbed in “See My Smile” shirts. See My Smile is a parent organization that wanted the statewide mask mandate for K-12 schools to be abolished. 

The school district said that they were unable to conduct its business due to the disruptions and while they encourage civil discourse as to set an example for the students, there will be repercussions. 

Currently, the 11 people are charged with class B misdemeanors following the protest.