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Utah Humane Society Raises Money By Sending Seagulls


A fundraiser for the Utah Humane society allowed people to send “flocks” of seagulls to their friends and families this month.The associate director of marketing and communications, Guinnevere Schuster saidthey haven't done anything like this in the past and the feedback has been positive.

“'Flocking July' is a fundraiser that was kind of the brainchild of our executive director," Schuster said. "He wanted us to come up with some yard signs that we could surprise people with by putting them in their yard for a donation. That donation was $100. You could pick your friends and kind of surprise them with these seagull designed yard signs. We picked the seagull because it’s the state bird of Utah.” 


Once the yard signs are placed in the yard, they stay there for a week unless the person who was surprised made an additional donation. 


“If you did not want the yard signs to stay in your yard for a full week, you could make a $25 donation and have them moved into a friend's yard of your choosing," she said.


Schuster said this fundraiser caused friendly battles between family members by moving the flock back and forth between yards. 


Although the spots for July are sold out this year, they will bring back the "Flocking July" fundraiser next year and are hoping for the same amount of participation.