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Fishing Limits Increased In Utah Due To Low Water Levels

On Wednesday the Utah Division of Wildlife updated Utah's fishing regulations to allow anglers to catch and keep more fish in bodies of water across the state. 

Drought has decreased water levels across Utah and smaller amounts of water heat up faster. This is a problem for fish because hot water holds less oxygen than cold water.

A combination of less oxygen and high temperature can lead to issues for fish, and can sometimes be fatal. According to the division, increasing the daily fish limit will reduce the likelihood of fish die-offs in some water bodies with anticipated low water levels. 


This is the third round of emergency fishing changes this summer.


The water bodies with increased daily fish limits are Fairview Lakes, McClellan Reservoir, Mona Reservoir, Palisade Reservoir, Payson Lake (Big East), Towne (Town) Reservoir, Newton Reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, Monticello Lake, Navajo Lake and Otter Creek Reservoir.


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