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Group protests ‘gerrymandered’ maps at the Utah State Capitol

A group of Utahns met Wednesday on the steps of the Utah State Capitol to call on Governor Spencer Cox to veto the redistricting map bill recently passed by the legislature.The group says they feel the new map that passed both the House and Senate does not fairly represent Utahns. Protester Sarah Buck says if the bill is signed into law, she believes one-third of Utahns wouldn’t have a voice for the next 10 years.


About half-a-million Utahns voted in favor of an independent redistricting commission to recommend voting boundaries. The maps lawmakers approved Wednesday were not recommended by the commission. Instead, they approved their own version.


One of the biggest critiques of the proposed map was the dissection of Salt Lake County into four districts.


Cox has previously stated he doesn’t plan to issue a veto.