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Remote learning presents new challenges for Utah parents

Child in front of a computer screen
Thomas Park
Child in front of a computer screen

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the state of Utah, many students have started learning from home once again.

Parents such as Seth Wright express the challenges that arose during their children’s shift towards stay-at-home learning. Wright is one of many parents who have had to jump in and help their children with school work whenever needed and he, like many other parents, have had to supervise their kids to make sure they remain on task.

Ben Horsley, Communications Director with The Granite School District, shared both positive and negative responses that the district has received from parents, stating that they have tried to offset technological challenges for some younger students by providing paper packets and other resources that may feel more natural in a school environment.

According to the district, the two days of remote learning so far have gone as well as expected. Schools are set to be remote through Friday and students will be able to return to in-person learning on Monday. Other school districts are making shifts to remote learning as well.

Jared Gereau is pursuing a Journalism major with an emphasis in Social Media at Utah State University. He is planning on using his experience to pursue a career with USU Athletics sometime after he graduates. In his free time, Jared enjoys watching movies, playing games and creating content for his YouTube channel.