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Utahns pursue different forms of transportation as gas prices continue to increase

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A person riding an electric bike

As gas prices continue to increase all around the country, Utah residents are now considering alternate forms of transportation to save on money and miles.

The Utah Transit Authority has seen a drastic increase in passengers this week, leading many riders into believing that this is the start of people ditching gas in favor of public transportation.

However, Carl Arky, spokesperson for the UTA, believes it’s too soon to determine if the recent surge in passenger numbers are related to the recent increase in fuel prices. With one-way ticket prices currently being $2.50, Arky says that this should encourage commuters to try out public transportation, noting that it will make a difference in both people’s personal finances as well as air quality.

Drivers around Utah are considering other alternate options as well, such as electric cars or electric bikes. An e-bike shop in Salt Lake City named ‘Salt Lake E-Bikes’ has noticed an increase in e-bike interest over the past several days.

Camryn Anderson, a bike mechanic, believes that if prices at the pump continue to rise, more people will make the switch over to cheaper forms of transport.