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Suspect of Logan attempted kidnapping identified and taken into custody

Photo courtesy of Logan City Police Department
Police have asked for help from the public to identify the suspect who several witnesses reported seeing attempt to kidnap a woman in Logan.

The suspect of an attempted kidnapping near Logan High School has been identified and taken into custody.

The attempted abduction took place before 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning where a woman in her 30s was attacked by the suspect and nearly forced into his trunk. After resisting her captor, the woman managed to escape with little physical harm and the suspect fled the scene.

The Logan City Police Department says that a man is currently being held in Box Elder County with other charges, but following evidence that was discovered with a search warrant, the man has been linked to the incident. Police say the man has not been identified, but that he lives in the area with evidence being discovered in a search of his car.

Capt. Curtis Hooley of the Logan City Police Department went on record saying that in his 29 years of working in the Logan department, there’s very few abductions and kidnappings that happen in the town. Hooley says it’s concerning for this incident to have occurred so close to a school and believes that it’s a reminder that danger can happen even in places where you feel safe. He issued a reminder to the community of Logan telling everyone to be aware of their surroundings.

Attempted kidnapping charges against the suspect could be ready as soon as Thursday.

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