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Park City School District charged for failing to report child abuse

Mike Anderson
The Summit County Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against the Park City School District Monday, saying it failed to report three cases of suspected child sex abuse to police.

Three counts of falling to report child abuse were filed against the Park City School District on Monday.

The school district was allegedly first alerted to child abuse during a meeting in Oct. 2019 but no reports were made to law enforcement or Child Protective Services following the meeting. The allegation was finally reported to law enforcement last November by a medical professional treating the child in question.

Investigators later discovered two more failed cases that the district neglected to report. Summit County Attorney Margaret Olson commented on the district’s lack of reports, saying that they expect more, not less, out of professionals when on duty and that if nobody is addressing reports of child maltreatment, then they’re falling down on the job.

State law requires individuals to report allegations of child abuse to the proper authorities and according to the county attorney’s office, the entire school system is being charged as a party.

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