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USU President Noelle Cockett shares USU's success at 2022 State of the University Address

Tim Vitale
Utah State University
USU President Noelle Cockett Delivers Address

President Cockett says USU managed to make the switch from in person learning to virtual a more comfortable one for students to continue their education remotely during the pandemic.

“Many institutions went into online education during the COVID pandemic, they had to as we were told to move to more virtual education opportunities for our students. But USU had the experience to make it outstanding, even during that quick pivot into the virtual mode of instruction, “ said Cockett

Cockett also explained that the hallmark of the university is student involvement and how it creates a lifetime connection for faculty with their students.

“we involve our students, not just in classrooms but out of the classroom in that experiential learning, Nick, as they now call it, we've done that for decades, and it makes a difference. It's why our students graduate with success. Why our students are very successful when they get out, and why our students remember us when they become alumni,” said Cockett

Two successes at this year’s legislative session she mentioned were the state allocation of 18 million dollars for the College of Veterinary Medicine and a 5.75 salary compensation increase.

“Let's give that a round is the highest salary increase that public employees since 2003. And maybe even earlier, that's the most I have records of,” said Cockett

The President concluded her address with several ongoing plans and projects for the university next fall. One of them is a new building in Monument Valley in partnership with the Navajo Nation. She says the building will not only benefit students but also the community at large providing free internet connection and a food pantry.

In the end, Cockett thanked everyone for their efforts, private donations, and endless support to the university and says she is excited for what USU will be in the future.