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The fourth annual Logan Weed Day on Saturday aims to protect biodiversity

A house sits below hills covered in trees and yellow-green plants in Mantua.
Audrey Zharkikh
This 2015 photo shows a dyer's woad infestation on the west slopes of Mantua.

The Logan Ranger District is hosting the fourth annual Weed Day on Saturday in attempt to remove noxious weeds found in Logan Canyon. They have also partnered with Bridgerland Audubon Society, the Utah Native Plant Society, Cache County and Logan City for the event.

Lisa Thompson, the volunteer and partnership coordinator for the Logan Ranger District, says the event is much more than just sending volunteers out and hoping for the best.

“They’ll do a safety briefing and they’ll also do a sort of educational piece where they introduce the weeds they are pulling,” Thompson said.

According to Hilary Shughart, the president of Bridgerland Audubon Society, many of these invasive weeds are jeopardizing Logan’s ecosystem. Namely, the endemic species — plants that are only found in the area — are most in danger.

“They’ve actually been called a raging biological wildfire,” Shughart said, explaining the invasive weeds impose economic losses to agriculture, irreparable ecological damage to wildlands, and outcompete biodiversity. Read the rest of the story at

This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.